Jellyfin is a self-hosted media system that was forked from Emby prior to it(Emby) going closed source. I was a long time premium supporter of Emby, even continued to pay for over a year whilst we used Plex due to my laziness to fix the Emby instance my wife nuked somehow.


For the primary client that does 90% of the watching, I'm using the Amazon Fire TV Stick(not the 4k one) and the BETA Jellyfin Client that needs to be side loaded. I did this via my Chromebook and ADB and it worked flawlessly. I'll happily be able to ditch the AppleTV now!

I'm also using the Kodi plugin for the media center downstairs, as the audio passthrough is needed for the encoded Dolby/DTS stream to be properly pushed to my amp. The android app via my smartphone & tablet work flawlessly.


The server is temporarily running on my over-powered Media Center PC that is running Windows 10.  There isn't really any setup aside from running jellyfin.exe. I'll do a write-up on migrating the data when I decide to commit to learning Docker but what will probably happen is I'll end up moving it to it's own Ubuntu Server VM.