Updated February 17, 2020

This was a pic of the last update (June 2015)- http://i.imgur.com/Pj0BjoU.jpg


Snagged the Rack off of local Kijiji for $100!! Was a smoking deal but it was a very ugly beige!!. I spent two weeks sanding it down and spraying it semi-gloss black which was about $15 can and I must have used 20+ cans (I did get some on sale for $10.99 at the end of the project). There is still a lot of work to be done but the old DIY wooden Rack 2.0 has finally been retired!

I still have some networking to sort out.. Patch panel is on the bottom of the rack and I've got my switch at the top so it's less than ideal but there is only an entry point for cables right now in the bottom so I might have to cut a hole in the top or something to bring in my bundle of CAT5e.. I'll add some photo's of the rear access as that has been cleaned up A LOT thanks to a rack mounted PDU and proper cable channels in the posts of the rack!

Current Network Map:

Still not completely updated, but the gist of it is there. There are probably ~20 not-really noteworthy VM's missing. This diagram covers off the primary stuff.

Notable Additions

  • Added Dell R610 running Proxmox VE - Expand my knowledge in HyperVisors
  • PiHole running on RaspberryPi 3B+
  • Segregated security cameras onto their own VLAN with isolated network access for security reasons
  • Upgraded Fiber to Gigbit UP+DOWN
  • Upgraded primary switch to MikroTik - NETGear switch died ~ RIP
  • Rockstor NAS has grown substantially in size - excess of 120TB worth of Drives | 84TB of usable space
  • Started learning some DevOps stuff
  • Grafana Dashboard to monitor everything + security notifications if something begins to work as unexpected
  • Really increased security measures as the lab has grown from a small hobby to pretty substantial investment of money & time.

Old Network Map:


Latest Current Rack Pics: