Just a teaser of a walkthrough post I'm working on using HashBackup with BackBlaze B2 cloud storage.

The following is a email I wake up to every morning of the cron results of the backup job.

Backup directory: /home/scotty/hashbackup
Using destinations in dest.conf
This is backup version: 23
Dedup enabled, 60% of current, 0% of max
/media/red2/veeam/desktop/Backup Job MEDIAPC
/media/red2/veeam/desktop/Backup Job MEDIAPC/Backup Job MEDIAPC.vbm
/media/red2/veeam/desktop/Backup Job MEDIAPC/Backup Job MEDIAPC2016-01-21T003016.vib
/media/red2/veeam/laptop/Backup Job DESKTOP-EG91JMN
/media/red2/veeam/laptop/Backup Job DESKTOP-EG91JMN/Backup Job DESKTOP-EG91JMN.vbm
/media/red2/veeam/laptop/Backup Job DESKTOP-EG91JMN/Backup Job DESKTOP-EG91JMN2016-01-21T003053.vib
Copied arc.23.1 to b2 (104 MB 1m 58s 881 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.0 to b2 (104 MB 2m 35s 673 KB/s)
Waiting for destinations: b2
Copied arc.23.2 to b2 (104 MB 1m 49s 957 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.3 to b2 (104 MB 2m 41s 650 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.4 to b2 (104 MB 1m 44s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.6 to b2 (104 MB 1m 46s 988 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.5 to b2 (104 MB 2m 37s 665 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.7 to b2 (104 MB 1m 39s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.8 to b2 (104 MB 2m 40s 654 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.9 to b2 (104 MB 1m 54s 917 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.11 to b2 (104 MB 1m 46s 985 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.10 to b2 (104 MB 2m 37s 664 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.12 to b2 (104 MB 1m 40s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.13 to b2 (104 MB 2m 37s 667 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.14 to b2 (104 MB 1m 42s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.16 to b2 (104 MB 1m 38s 1.1 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.15 to b2 (104 MB 2m 33s 681 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.17 to b2 (104 MB 1m 44s 998 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.18 to b2 (104 MB 2m 29s 700 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.19 to b2 (104 MB 1m 29s 1.2 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.21 to b2 (104 MB 1m 42s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.20 to b2 (104 MB 2m 28s 708 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.22 to b2 (104 MB 1m 35s 1.1 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.23 to b2 (104 MB 2m 25s 721 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.24 to b2 (104 MB 1m 33s 1.1 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.26 to b2 (104 MB 1m 48s 967 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.25 to b2 (104 MB 2m 31s 690 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.27 to b2 (104 MB 1m 41s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.29 to b2 (104 MB 1m 42s 1.0 MB/s)
Copied arc.23.28 to b2 (104 MB 2m 45s 635 KB/s)
Copied arc.23.30 to b2 (80 MB 59s 1.3 MB/s)
Writing hb.db.13
Waiting for destinations: b2
Copied hb.db.13 to b2 (32 MB 50s 630 KB/s)
Copied dest.db to b2 (144 KB 5s 25 KB/s)

Time: 179.0s, 2m 59s
Wait: 1812.0s, 30m 12s
Checked: 22 paths, 81833377218 bytes, 81 GB
Saved: 12 paths, 9230008770 bytes, 9.1 GB
Excluded: 0
Dupbytes: 5585119690, 5.5 GB, 60%
Compression: 64%, 2.8:1
Space: 3.2 GB, 51 GB total
No errors